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"In this wide spread world, wherever I'm, I'm always in the presence of Allah" " - Shaikh Faizee Shah Noori



Peace and Blessings be on all those who follow the right path

Islam is a religion of practice and Sufism is an intrinsic part of Islam and the Chishti Qadhiri sufi order or tradition is widely present all over the world (concentrated a lot in the subcontinent of India & Pakistan) and is fast catching up in the west.

Sufism is the way towards the knowledge of our Self and our relation with our Lord, Allah. Sufism comprises the inner knowledge that is presented to us in the holy Qur'an. Sufi is the term attributed to a person practicing Sufism.

To realize Allah one should purify his body, heart and soul. The Shari'ath (rules) stresses the purification of our body. Sufism as practiced and preached by Sufis stresses on the purification of our nafs, heart and soul.

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